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The Daybreak Mindset

Compassion - Connection - Creation

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What is The Daybreak Mindset?

Daybreak marks the beginning of a new day, a fresh start and an opportunity for change. Daybreak Coaching exists to encourage, nurture and support those looking to move though life's hardships and create a life they can't wait to wake up to.

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My Daybreak Mindset Breakthrough.

A decade ago I was diagnosed with a chronic illness. Shortly after, so were my kids and all the years of mysterious symptoms finally made sense. It was then that I became driven by one goal, to heal my family. We did all the things, followed treatments and protocols, and while we saw some fleeting improvements to our health, we still struggled and I felt a heaviness and disconnection that's difficult to describe. That was until I started to notice the other pieces in my life that weren't working; there were patterns that kept repeating, trauma, and limiting beliefs that resulted in nervous system dysfunction.  I knew then that my own mental and emotional health needed to be addressed before my family had a chance to thrive.  It was time to finally listen to myself, trust what I heard and do the work to uncover what was really holding back our lives. Little did I know, that we would realize an incredible new way of being, a process I am grateful for to this day. 

My name is Dawn Minami and I'm a brain re-trainer, Certified Health/Life Coach, Master NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), MER® (Mental and Emotional Release) and HeartMath® certified Practitioner, who helps women heal, grow and reclaim their energy by changing their life story and leaving dis-ease in their wake.  If you're ready to make a change then I look forward to hearing from you. Book a free consultation with me by clicking the button below.


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Since working with Dawn, I have a better understanding of how to approach my health and life. Our sessions focused on practicing self-compassion and self-care. I learned how healthy practices impact your relationship with yourself and others. We completed a variety of exercises, including mental rehearsals and journaling activities, to tap deeper into thought processes and identify unproductive thinking loops. I was also able to shift my mindset and physical health through neuroplastic brain retraining. I feel more equipped to tackle any struggles in my life after our work together.

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It's time to define your Daybreak moment and create a life that you can't wait to wake up to. 

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